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CloviFi Features

For Home and Commercial Use

Wireless TV audio transmitter is durable and built to last. It’s available for home use and small or large size businesses with simple-to-install and operate instructions.

High Quality Sound

High quality sound with increased transmission speeds and reduced audio transmission delay over Wi-Fi in a comfortable and miniature design.

Multiple Ways to Connect

Uninterruptible listening experience with multiple inputs/outputs (USB, 3.5 Audio jack, HDMI, A/V) and the ability to easily switch between different audio sources.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled

Connect to any audio source via the built-in mobile Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. No need to purchase new headphones. Use your own to listen via a free mobile app.

Affordable, Compact, Simple

Smartphone-sized, compact, for your private home or business use. No need to purchase bulky servers. Avoid wiring.

Android, iOS, & Windows App

CloviFi wireless audio transmitter for a TV requires a mobile app on your mobile device. CloviTek provides a free mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms with automatic software updates. No subscription fees or hidden costs attached.