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New Product CloviFi Was Introduced At CES 2017

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On Jan.5-8, 2017 CloviTek LLC and their respected partners, Infopulse and ARTKB, launched a new product during CES 2017, world’s largest consumer electronics expo that took place in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


CloviFi is a wireless audio transmitter, developed by CloviTek LLC for home use and businesses alike. CloviFi allows streaming HQ audio to a personal Android or iOS handheld device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth without delays. A compact, stylish and easy-to-use device, CloviFi brings seamless and uninterrupted user experience for an unlimited number of users.


CloviFi wi-fi audio transmitter

CloviFi wi-fi audio transmitter presented at CES 2017, Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV


CloviFi was officially presented to the public at large during CES 2017. On January 6, 2017, CloviTek, Infopulse, and ARTKB held a press conference dedicated to the CloviFi product and talked to mass media representatives and industry enthusiasts. Everyone interested in the technology could touch and try CloviFi and ask their questions about the product.


Clovitek and their partners received a huge number of requests from the individuals and representatives of the US, European and Asian companies (distributors of electronics, public transport companies, gyms, and many others), interested in trials, purchase, or distribution of CloviFi device. We also were happy to receive interest from mass media to conduct a separate interview with representatives of Clovitek about the product. We strongly believe that even though we have just launched our product, we have huge possibilities for further growth and expansion.


ARTKB provided the compact and miniature design, perfectly fitting either a living room, a restaurant, a hotel or a meeting room. A large number of ports are available (e.g., HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm audio-jack, A/V etc.), allowing to connect CloviFi to almost any TV or any other audio source.


Infopulse developed a CloviFi companion app, already available free of charge for both Android and iOS handheld devices. Upon downloading and installing the companion app, users can connect their phones or tablets to CloviFi. The app allows switching between multiple audio sources with a few taps, bringing an immediate and ultimate individual listening experience.


Please check the following CloviFi promotional materials:


The official CloviFi apps are available via following links:


If you want to pre-order CloviFi, learn more about the device or talk personally to our representatives please contact us now:


About Infopulse
Infopulse, part of Nordic Group EVRY A/S, is a trusted international IT services and solutions provider. With 25+ years of experience, 1300+ experts on board, and offices across Europe and the Middle East, Infopulse delivers excellence to both Fortune500 companies and SMBs alike. Please visit for more information.
ARTKB is a full-cycle new product development bureau, which embodies ideas into life. Famous for its projects for Petcube, ecozy, iblazr and lunecase, ARTKB team offers a state-of-the-art level of services to their customers. Please visit for more information

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