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CloviTek at CES 2017 Launching a New Product

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CloviTek LLC will be demonstrating CloviFi, the (Wi-Fi) Wireless Audio Transmitter, at booth 51459, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, at CES 2017, 5-9 January, Las Vegas, Nevada.


Wireless transmission of audio to headphones and speakers gained popularity since the birth of Bluetooth technology in 1994. Although Bluetooth audio transmission technologies offer convenient ways for consumers to listen to audio transmitting sources, new inventions and products challenge existing Bluetooth and Radio Frequency (RF) products by providing additional features, using modern Wi-Fi technologies that otherwise would not be available. CloviTek is a start-up company that provides solutions for audio transmission over Wi-Fi from an audio source.


CloviTek saw an opportunity to launch a new product line that would improve private listening experiences for everyone. Currently about 21% of the US population uses wireless speaker and headphone systems to listen to music and TV audio. The market for wireless audio is expected to reach a revenue of $13.75 billion by 2018 after entering a growth phase in 2013. That’s a 24% cumulative annual growth from 2013 to 2018.[1] In terms of product segments, wireless headphones accounted for the largest market revenue at $1.25 billion, so far. U.S. Internet users in 2014 who watched video content are (% of respondents in each group): Millennials (13-34 years old) – 80%, Gen X (35-49) – 80%, Baby boomers (50-68) – 74%, Seniors (69-74) – 66%. U.S. Millennial digital video viewers are expected to continue to increase at a flat rate by 1 million annually through 2019. Seventy-seven million Millennial digital viewers in 2015 represented more than 92% of all U.S. Millennial Internet users[2]. Price (96%), battery life (95%), and size/fit (95%) are the three key features for those who intend to buy a dedicated wearable fitness device, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.[3]  CloviTek has built a product that is price conscious and does not require the users to replace their existing headphones to have a be able to hear a TV while it is muted.


About the Product – CloviFi


The CloviFi device transmits audio from any audio source (i.e. TV) to any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) using wireless (Wi-Fi) technology. Users can personally enjoy, without bothering people nearby, audio broadcasts with an affordable, compact, user-friendly, and high- performance product. Users can listen with their personal headphones connected to their mobile device for a private listening experience.


Product Features:

  • Free Android and iOS app – no subscription fees or hidden costs
  • For home and commercial use – at home, work, and public places (gyms,…)
  • Multiple ways to mount Clovifi behind your TV with adjustable mounting options
  • Affordable, compact, simple – no need to purchase bulky servers. Avoid wiring
  • Quality sound transmission – Wi-Fi audio transmission quality is better than Bluetooth, FM, etc.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled – transmit audio via Wi-Fi while using Bluetooth headphones
  • Multiple audio connections – connect via A/V, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth, optical, and more

Who can use the device?

The answer is ANYONE:

  • People with one or more TVs in their household
  • Business owners and their employees
  • Music/Sports bars customers/owners/managers
  • Gym customers/owners/managers
  • Airport travelers/managers
  • Hotel visitors/owners/managers
  • Schools/universities, their staff, students, and instructors
  • Business lounge customers/owners/managers
  • Movie theater customers/owners/managers
  • Amusement park customers/owners/managers
  • Museums attendees/owners/managers
  • Consumer electronics store owners/managers
  • Residents/managers in group living settings such as assisted or senior living

Where to find us at CES 2017 to see demo


CloviTek LLC will be demonstrating CloviFi, the Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter, at booth 51459, Tech West, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, at CES 2017, 5-9 January, Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here or on the image below to view the floor map. Click here to download the below map.



For all media inquiries relating to this announcement, contact Vitaliy Mahidov, PR Coordinator via our contact form.


Looking forward to seeing you at the show.


With best wishes,

Vitaliy Mahidov



[1] Paul Verna “2016 Digital Video Trends, Monetization, Audience, Platforms and Content”, eMarketer, 2016

[2] Jeremy Kressmann  “US Millenials and Video: Seven Insights into Their Evolving Screen Choices and Viewing Habits”, eMarketer, 2015

[3] Consumer Technology Association “2014 Digital America, State of the U.S. Consumer Technology Industry”, 2016

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